Whether buying or selling a home you don't want to complete your agent retainer process before interviewing us.
"Yes," you should interview agents as your first step.

All agents are not equal and the right hire is pivotal to a successful real estate experience. Just because a person is an agent isn't an automatic indicator that she knows how to list, effectively market and sell your home. To the contrary, not all agents have the patience, available schedule and disposition to work with buyers. Finding that correct fit for your needs should be your first assignment.

You can't go wrong beginning the process with Ariana.
She has many accomplishments most agents don't have a chance to experience. For example, with over 20,000 agents in the DMV, Ariana was honored to be named in the Washingtonian Magazine's Top Agents July 2017 edition on page 207.

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Ask Ariana To Tell You The Real Value of Your Home


Ariana was raised in Baltimore and now lives in Fort Washington in a water-oriented community. Since her home is located at the Potomac River, where all 3 states meet, it is truly ideal for serving clients in MD, VA and DC.

Prior to her life in real estate, Ariana worked in Corporate America (Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Blackberry, Realtor.com and Lehman Brothers to name a few). While working, Ariana attended University of Maryland (UMUC) where in 2004 she took the Real Estate Licensing course as part of her Legal Studies and Business Management degree paths. She had plans of law school. As Ariana will say "I wanted to be lawyer when I grew up." Plans often change and her plans did.

She found herself leaving the corporate world and taking a leap of faith into mortgage and real estate. Ariana quickly learned her education and prior work experience were a perfect match for her new career. You see, her corporate background as an Outside Sales & Marketing Director gave Ariana a territory to solely manage that included not only the entire DMV, but the US too. She learned the states quite well, which is why as a REALTOR today, she is an asset in helping people relocating to the DMV.

Once in real estate, Ariana quickly became an award-winning front-runner in her field and was approached to help mentor other real estate professionals around the country. Ariana takes her craft, reputation and the profession’s code of ethics seriously. She insures her clients are treated fairly by all parties within a transaction. Ariana’s 5-star rating is a clear indicator of her commitment to client satisfaction.

On a personal note, relaxation, laughter and the water are Ariana’s medicines. She enjoys being at home with her kids: 162lb Rottweiler & 129+lb Bullmastiff. In her down time, Ariana can be found traveling to warm climates with clear water and beautiful beaches. The smell of the sea air, the sound of the waves rolling onto the beach and the scenery is serenity to her. One day she plans to retire near an ocean and palm trees. Until then, Ariana loves attending comedy shows, jazz or wine festivals and being out on the boat. Also, restaurants and day spas in the metro probably cost her more than what is acceptable to most. Finally, and just for fun, her guilty pleasures are cereal (Frosted Mini Wheats) and binge watching her favorite shows.