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Showing Expectations

When a REALTOR® schedules to take Buyers to see homes, there is often a line-up of several homes. These houses then are scheduled geographically for that day’s outing. It is more the norm than not, that the Buyers’ chosen homes of interest, span across several different communities, cities, counties, or in the case of our area: the DMV. The point is that tours for the day may span across state lines.

For this reason, it is imperative that you as the Sellers, approve the time requested by the Buying Agent. The REALTOR bringing the purchaser to see your house has an expertly planned schedule that includes a calculated strategy for showing the homes during the requested time. The strategy is so precise that it accounts for the commute time between each house to stay on track. Consequently, agents will not backtrack to your home after they left your immediate area.

Understanding now how home tours are arranged, you should be “approving” all showings at the times they were requested. Even if you know the house was not in “model home” condition when you left that morning, you still want to authorize the requested showing at its requested time. Remember, it is more important to allow a potential buyer inside then not at all.

We must make it clear that selling a home while living in it, is going to be inconvenient and frustrating. Keep your eye on the prize though. The more people that get inside to see and consider your home as the one they want to purchase, the sooner you can have it “Under Contract” and be done with the constant parade of buyers.

One final note about showings. If you are leaving for your showing appointment and returning immediately after, then before you depart, turn on all lights and lamps and even play a jazzy music channel on your tv. This strategy is why so many people fall in love with new construction model homes. Buyers are attracted to the “presentation”. Now let’s get your house listed and SOLD! Schedule your Selling Consultation now.


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