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Ariana Loucas
MeetAriana Loucas
Ariana Loucas stands out as a seasoned professional in luxury real estate, representing TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in the vibrant markets of Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Her academic foundation in Real Estate and Finance, combined with a wealth of professional experience, positions her as a leading expert in the high-end property sector.

Ariana’s impressive portfolio spans a variety of luxurious properties, including the historic homes of DC, the sprawling estates of Virginia and MD, and even the serene waterfront residences found throughout the DMV region. Her comprehensive knowledge of these distinct regions ensures tailored, insightful advice for her clients.

In her role at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty, Ariana utilizes the brand’s extensive global network and resources, providing her clients with unmatched exposure and service. Her adept negotiation skills and deep understanding of the nuances of the luxury market enable her to consistently achieve optimal outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

Ariana is committed to continual professional development. Her participation in both regional and international real estate conferences equips her with innovative strategies and the latest market insights. Furthermore, Ariana is a proud member of Realm Global, an exclusive network of invited professionals, who regardless of brand, are the most accomplished real estate professionals from around the world. This affiliation enhances her ability to connect weekly with globally based like-minded real estate agents. This platform equips Ariana with offering her clients additional resources and a broader reach in the luxury market. With more than 30,000 agents in the DMV, she is one of only fourteen other agents from our region who have been invited to join this illustrious group.

In addition to her knowledge, reach, and production success, Ariana’s approach to real estate is intensely personal and client focused. With more than 140 5-star reviews written about Ariana, anyone can understand why more than 90% of her clients repeatedly hire and refer others to her. She takes the time to understand your unique lifestyles, needs, and aspirations, ensuring a highly personalized property selection for her buying clientele, and a customized marketing plan for her selling clients. Ariana’s meticulous attention to detail, commitment to discretion, and flair for luxury, positions her as a top choice for discerning clients, including athletes and those in the entertainment fields. In fact, Ariana was the founding member of the Sports and Entertainment Division at her last firm.

In her personal life, Ariana has four-legged kids; a rottweiler, and a bullmastiff. She loves children though and is active in charitable causes supporting children and animals. During her downtime, she likes to attend comedy shows, go swimming, boating, and travel to places with clear blue water and palm trees. If the hurricanes do not scare her away, Ariana’s goal is to retire to an island one day, or even move her business to one before she hangs up her heels for flip-flops. As an only child though, her parents claim to have notified the border police that such a move by her is forbidden until they are “dead and gone” as her mother says.

So, for those seeking a luxury real estate experience that is both sophisticated, personal, and effective in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas, Ariana Loucas of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty, with her expertise and exclusive Realm Global affiliation, is an exemplary choice.


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