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Instant Offer

While some people want to hire a REALTOR® to sell their home the traditional way, doing so may not be appropriate for every person’s situation. Understanding that there are differences in the needs and motivations for home sellers, I present you with the option of our “INSTANT OFFERS” program. This program is ideal for anyone that wants to sell and sell fast. We have investors who are willing to pay cash for your home alleviating the stresses that are normally associated with selling the traditional way.

If you are curious if you should opt for the Instant Offers program, ask yourself if you can identify with any of the below situations:

  1. You inherited a property, or you might be the executor of an estate and just want the place sold.
  2. You have pets or a lifestyle that makes it hard for you to keep your home in “show ready condition”.
  3. You want to avoid time on the market and waiting for offers.
  4. You do not want to be interrupted by having to leave your house constantly so people can tour it.
  5. You do not want to worry about making repairs or managing the many other responsibilities of selling your home the traditional way.

If you can relate to these common circumstances, or have your own reasons why you just want to sell a house quickly and be done, then let’s start the easy process of procuring some Instant Offers for you. Call Now 301.728.1418 or Schedule an Appointment.


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